Short brief about Us

Las Delicias Mexicanas was created in our home around the kitchen table by my parents, myself, and my siblings in Baytown, Tx. in 2006. The first business model was purely distribution of our name brand candies which are traditional/artisanal candies which consist of dulce de leche, caramelized fruit, praline peanuts, coconut, guava rolls, and peanut patties.

Multimedia collage

  • Pulparindo Chamoi

    Pulparindo Chamoy

    Pulparindo sabor Chamoy marca De la Rosa
    Caja c/20pzs - Barra Sabor Tamarindo & Albaricoque

    Pulparindo Chamoi 
  • Rellerindos Tamarind 65pcs


    Rellerindos Tamarind shaped flavor hard caramel candy with a soft & spicy candy center.



    Salt and lemon HOT powder. Delicious sour and hot flavor…

    Pica Limon (100pcs)